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FoSho CREW CALL E00 | Learn, Create & Share

FoSho CREW CALL E00 | Learn, Create & Share

We are all content creators - or are expected to be. It doesn't matter your role, if you represent a brand, understanding content is a must!
If you're not a full-time content creator, it can be a challenge to know where to start and continue to develop your content making and management skills.
You might be planning to make it yourself, use an in-house team or outsource it to a supplier, Fynn & the FoSho CREW are here to help you be the content maker or manager you can be.
Each episode of our CREW CALL is split into three parts: Learn, Create and Share. 

Learn is where we’ll discuss something pertinent to content planning, strategy and pre-production. You know, the fun part!... We joke, because it's often not the fun part, but it is the important part.

Create is an opportunity for us to explore how you can craft your content including production and editing tools, equipment, techniques and developments with creating content.

Share is a chance for us to dive into how we share content and the forever changing face of content distribution... What works this week may not work next week and we'll help you keep up to date with ways to share your content with your audience, online, offline and in-between.

So let's get to it!


Planning for the win!

Planning is vital for successful content and the level of planning and pre-production for video can fluctuate a lot. If you keep these three elements in mind, you'll have a lot more success with your content...


Your audience are who your content is for and is this is the most important aspect to making your own content. You must understand who your audience is and what they want from your content so you can deliver something that is valuable. It's not always about views, sometimes it's about impact... but sometimes it is about views :) Those 3 second views are useless! And if you want your audience to engage with your content, you need to listen.

This is what we'd call the selfish part of making content - what is is that you want to achieve? Is it education, entertainment, brand recognition, sales? It's vital to know why you're creating your content as well as who it is for...

And where is it going? Can you craft it for the specific channel that you will share it on, or can it be tailored for other channels in terms of things like length and format so that you can maximise the value of the content you create?

Project Briefs are vitally important to planning and if you'd like to know more, why not jump on one of a free Tuesday live lessons, and we can discuss?


Sound - Stop and listen

Bad quality sound simply says we didn't invest in this video content - a lack of investment in equipment, knowledge and application. Sound it vitally important for video and we often don't take a moment to listen to what we can actually hear. The best location for sound is a quiet one and the remainder can only be improved through sound knowledge and equipment.

What can you hear in the location you're recording sound that you can turn off, record at a different time of day, or even move location. 
One of the best investments you can make is in a tie-clip microphone and we'd recommend and is included in our Creative and Professional Production Equipment Packs is the BOYA BY-M1. We have tried and tested this mic for years and it's great for interviews, pieces to camera and even podcasts. 

It can be used on smartphone, video cameras and laptops which is very handy and has a super long cable so you are flexible with set up.


Algorithm vs Audience

If you were forced to, which would you favour? The online algorithms that serves content to your audience, or the audience that you're making the content for? We would say both... Of course we would, but if you forced our hand, we would always favour the audience. Algorithms are not serving your brands interests - they are serving the interests of the platform. They are what is used to decide what, when and how content is delivered to an individual or group on a platform and this you do not control. It's important to understand how they work - but also that they can be changed at any time.

So if you're ever in doubt of why you are creating content - we would say that it is for your audience. Algorithms and the platforms that use them come and go... Your audience will no doubt be around for much longer.
Understand both but favour your audience! 


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