Every Thursday at 10am the FoSho CREW can tune in live to learn, create and share together. Drop us a line with any questions or subjects you'd like discussed.

What's Included

  • Live Lessons
  • Resources
  • CREW Support

Industry Expert

You get live access to one of our industry experts leading the group in a specific subject matter.


The lesson is for you and is informal so that it can go where it most values your learning and development.

Meet Your Trainer

CREW Trainer Fynn

Videographer & FoSho CREW Captain
I love seeing someone's vision become reality with the power of audio-vision communication and for me, authenticity is vitally important. 
I've worked across TV, film and online video for 15 years, creating video solutions for marketing, education and technology sectors. Along side this production experience, I have 5 years experience in delivered training solutions to big, small and niche brands, supporting their in-house video production. 
I also have under my belt a BA in Filmmaking & Screenwriting and a PDA in Teacher Practice along side experience working as a College Lecturer in Creative Industries at the City of Glasgow College and Film Research Associate for the University of Glasgow.
I am the founder of FoSho CREW and the self-titled CREW Captain of this content cargo ship. I own a video agency called FoSho Video and a computer vision company called FoSho VISION.
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