PLANNING VIDEO FOR BRANDS: Strategic Video Content

Designed for anyone planning video content for brands. Big, small, niche or personal brand - You'll learn how to plan strategic video content that achieves your objectives, engages your audience and works well on your brand channels.

What's Included

  • 4 Self-paced Modules
  • 16 Video Lessons
  • CREW Support
  • Course Certificate

Plan Strategic Video

Increase your understanding of branded video and what type of video is right for your brand. Understanding how video fits into a broader marketing communications strategy and get information on practical elements of video creation like setting budgets, working with suppliers, and managing expectations.

Measure Your Success

Make sure your hard work on planning your branded video content is successful or what you can do to improve it. Learn the different ways to measure the performance of your video content to make sure you’re getting the outcomes you want - whether that’s to hit your own goals or to impress your boss.

What you'll learn

Understand Branded Video Basics

Understanding how video fits into a broader marketing communications strategy.

Developing Ideas for Video Content

Develop video for marketing, communication, education and more.

What Kind of Video too Create for Social

Best practice for different social media channels and how to craft and share video to maximise engagement.

How to Overcome Challenges

We'll cover all the main reasons video doesn't get made and how you can overcome these challenges.

Developing a Content Plan

Video takes time, energy and resources to create and we'll teach you a tried and tested approach to content planning.

Budgeting and Measuring Success

We'll outline elements you need to consider to effectively budget and measure video costs and success.

Meet Your Trainer

CREW Trainer Eimear

I’m passionate about the power of strategy and storytelling to achieve organisational objectives and create social change.

I love the ‘aha’ moments when you uncover a genuine insight – and I love how marketing holds the potential to turn that insight into an impactful campaign. I’m also interested in how we can positively affect human behaviours and using communications and marketing to educate and empower audiences.

I have 10 years’ experience in marketing & communications, both agency and client-side. I’ve worked in mass marketing at DDB Sydney, for media companies in Singapore, and government & charity roles in Australia and the UK.

I have extensive experience in proactively driving strategic initiatives and developing campaigns that build robust brands & deliver measurable impact.
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