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Planning Video for Brands

Designed for anyone planning video content for brands. Big, small, niche or personal brand - You'll learn how to plan strategic video content that achieves your objectives, engages your audience and works well on your brand channels.
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Videographer & Educator
About me
I love seeing someone's vision become reality with the power of audio-vision communication and for me, authenticity is vitally important.

I've worked across TV, film and online video for 15 years, creating video solutions for marketing, education and technology sectors. Along side this production experience, I have 5 years experience in delivered training solutions to big, small and niche brands, supporting their in-house video production. 

I also have under my belt a BA in Filmmaking & Screenwriting and a PDA in Teacher Practice along side experience working as a College Lecturer in Creative Industries at the City of Glasgow College and Film Research Associate for the University of Glasgow.

I am the founder of FoSho CREW and the self-titled CREW Captain of this content cargo ship. I own a video agency called FoSho Video and a computer vision company called FoSho VISION.
Marketing & Communication
About me
I’m passionate about the power of strategy and storytelling to achieve organisational objectives and create social change.

I love the ‘aha’ moments when you uncover a genuine insight – and I love how marketing holds the potential to turn that insight into an impactful campaign. I’m also interested in how we can positively affect human behaviours and using communications and marketing to educate and empower audiences.

I have 10 years’ experience in marketing & communications, both agency and client-side. I’ve worked in mass marketing at DDB Sydney, for media companies in Singapore, and government & charity roles in Australia and the UK.

I have extensive experience in proactively driving strategic initiatives and developing campaigns that build robust brands & deliver measurable impact.
Creative Industries Lecturer
About me
I have diverse experience across audio-visual industries and have a huge love for the big and small screen. I'm a Lecturer in Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Industries Faculty. 

I've published several academic works in the field of screen distribution, screen studies and education and am a longstanding contributor to screen industry news site Screenhub. My current research areas include reciprocal learnings between Australian YouTube practitioners and creative industries students and the potential of Augmented Reality (AR).

I received my PHD through the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation, where I explored the digital shifts in an age of content abundance,

In 2018 I was awarded the Churchill Fellowship to investigate new initiatives connecting Creative Industries students and online video creators in collaborative work.
Filmmaker & Drone Pilot
About me
I'm a filmmaker with a diverse background across film, TV and online content. I'm driven by the craft of creating content, from scriptwriting through to crafting the edit.

I run my own creative studio called Martin MacLeod Films where I produce TV and online content for local, national and even some international brands. I'm also a I'm a licensed drone pilot and an avid photographer which comes in handy more than you can imagine!

Recent developments include my co-creating and running Tunes in the Hoose, an online musical community born out of lockdown. It's main aim is to provide musicians in the traditional Scottish genre the means of collaborating in the form of daily, virtualised music performances.

I hold a BA in Filmmaking from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and have worked across TV, films and online content as part of a creative team. I most enjoy working with cast and crew in order to create something bigger and better than anything that could be created solo. 


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